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Wyrmvoid Campaign Setting

"Deep in the endless black of the Wyrmvoid only the great dragons wait silently for their prey."

Wyrmvoid is a campaign setting designed for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game (or any other fantasy game). It is set in a distant future, where fantastic creatures populate the planets of the solar system and magical ships navigate the depths of space between them, powered by jewels removed from the very dragons that prey on them.

(Note: Wyrmvoid has thus far never been used in an actual game, and is no longer under active development. The material will remain here, however, should anyone be interested.)

The Setting

Wyrmvoid has all the trappings of a traditional D&D setting with its fantasy races and monsters, magic and treasures. It should be easy to adapt any traditional dungeon crawling, swords & sorcery style adventure to the setting. What places Wyrmvoid apart from most fantasy settings, however, is the fact that its world has spread over several planets. While this need not interfere in the least with traditional fantasy adventure, it does also open the door to more original scenarios, including encounters in space, exploring abandoned asteroid colonies or hi-tech relics of a distant past.

It should be emphasised that this is a work of fantasy, not of science fiction.The science of space travel is not intended to be realistic. Creation of such Earth-like conditions on distant planets would be impossible in the real world, no matter how far technology advanced (we can perhaps assume that the methods of terraforming used by the Ancients were semi-magical). However, even though the planets of Wyrmvoid hold very little in common with their real world counterparts, I've tried to retain something of their characteristics.


Some time far in our future, but long before the time of the dragon jewel ships, mankind travelled to the planets and shaped them to suit his needs. However, an unknown disaster struck, destroying most of the population and all knowledge of technology. The planets were isolated from one another and in time almost all of the history of mankind was forgotten.

Over a period of tens, even hudreds of thousands of years, Man evolved and civilisation was reborn. Finally, new, magical means of traveling to other planets were created, and the worlds were once again connected. The people that inhabited the planets were no longer only Men, however, but humanoids of various forms, and other creatures that defied imagination. Whether these beings evolved from the original human population (and other terran life forms), or whether their origin is entirely different, even originating from other distant stars or other plains of existence, will probably never be known.

The legend of Talrith the Hunter is one of the oldest stories concerning the rekindling of civilisation. Whether it is fact cannot be known, but at least parts of it are probably close to how it may have happened.

It is now the 34th century of Naihir Reckoning, named after the oldest dynasty of Marath's kings. (Since the orbit of each planet is different, Earth, or Erath, time is used as the interplanetary standard.)

More Information and Resources

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License Information

The material on this page is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. You are granted permission to distribute and modify material, as long as you credit me, Ben B. Bainton, as the original author and distribute it or any derivative works under a similar license.