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Tales from the Teya'o Iva

Tales from the Teya'o Iva, set in the world of Va'ita, chronicles the exploits of a merry band of air pirates. In a world where steam engines (and fire mages) are still the primary source of power, the Teya'o Iva is an airship with a difference: its engines are electric, powered by a pair of rare stormcats called Ruvala ('spot') and Ruba'ova ('stripe'). Its crew is an eccentric group of rogues, misfits and exiles from around the world.

Quest Log

The pages below cover the major events from the campaign, in summarised form. The events are mostly arranged thematically, rather than by play session (although these often coincide).

Season 1 - Covers play sessions from June 2010 through May 2011. The crew of the Teya'o Iva witness the reawakening of old gods, the appearance of disturbing biological weapons, and the invasion of the Peveha nation by a power-hungry emperor.

Season 2 - Covers play sessions from June 2011 through May 2012. The war comes to an unexpected climax, but new threats are on the horizon, as the crew of the Teya'o Iva continue their quest to unravel the secrets of the ancient world, while helping a princess regain control of her empire.

Season 3 - Covers play sessions from June 2012 onwards. The emperor is dead, the wrecked Teya'o Iva replaced by a new, remarkable ship, but the world is still not safe, as terrible secrets are revealed about the old gods.

Dramatis Personę

Core Crew Members

Ta'osa - The captain, a female Peveha
Odafaka - A girl from Urufa, Teya'o Iva's creator and main mechanic
Ra'ofa - A Rateeha warrior woman, the ship's first mate
Teenuna - The boatswain and ship's doctor, a male Peveha
Ra'oseya - A slightly mysterious Ta'oha warrior woman
Da'eva - A scholarly young man from Urufa, with a nobleman's bearing

Other Crew, Ordered by Status

Sekika-ara - A male Rateeha illusionist, the ship's main lookout
Ruvala - A stormcat, the ship's 'power source'
Ruba'ova - Another stormcat
The Triplets - Ura, Upa and Uta, three youths from Pafa'ovaleda
Vaka - A male Rateeha, formerly a private eye in the Urufa capital
Eguhala - A Peveha 'cowboy', found maskerading as an Uruha on Vaga'ova
Valura - A former thief with shapeshifting abilities
Resuta - A former gamekeeper employed by La'orata
Yihafa, alias Bana'oma - A pet rahuga

Supporting Cast, in Alphabetical Order

Ba'ofa - A nobleman with an obsession for automatons, deceased
Ebuya - Leader of the Rafegadaha gang in Urufada
Feyeka - An aging warrior woman, head of Urufa's secret police
Gayekeha - An Urufa army surgeon
Gayerafa - A Rateeha girl, once the chosen of King Rahuga
Hafuna - A professor in antiquities studies at Urufada university
Havurafa - The proprietor of the Ta'o Bega tavern in Teratuda
La'orata'o Ru-Evusava - Head of the La'orata Company
Liiya - The Ovarafa's head mage, a beautiful raven-haired Uruha woman
Mafuseva - Runaway girl from Mafa'oda, member of Teya'o Iva's crew before being killed by Sa'o-eya
Nobukava - A former employee of the Sevupahafa'o Agada, from Ra'olava
Ohafula - Urufa's crown princess
Ohafusa - The (former) emperor of Urufa, deceased
Orafela - Captain of the Ovarafa, a rather flamboyant Yuva'oha
Petala - A girl from Otagelava, a victim of Tagu-oha
Puhafeda - Professor Ru-Hafuna's niece
Rapeva - The Ovarafa's first mate, a black Rateeha
Sama - A musician in the Rateeha town of Napevuda
Sa'o-eya - A handsome white vampire Rateeha, deceased
Tagu-oha - A black vampire Ta'oha
Tagu-opa - An Urufa army surgeon
Tapevuta - The Ovarafa's pilot, a young Sada'oha girl
Tapevutaga - A female Peveha resistance fighter
Tasugaya - Puhafeda's fiancee
Tohafa - An elderly bard, a resident of the Ta'o Bega (but rarely sober)
Urubarata - Ra'oseya's aged master at the Ta'oha monastery
Vagula - An Urufada crime lord, deceased
Vutala - A mysterious Vulaha with connections to La'orata and the Sevupahafa'o Agada
Yekula - Vaka's (former) fiancee

Strange Creatures, in Alphabetical Order

Kher-Ilan-Air - King of the Old Gods, appearing in the form of a gigantic cube
King Rahuga - Last surviver of an ancient rahuga civilisation, now living in the dream world
Lady of the Deep - An ancient sea goddess
Odin - A talking cat from another dimension
Phir-Nakh-Al - A giant bird god
Phir-Traal - Another bird god
Ta'abusa - The soul of the planet
Thag-El - A god, one of the Glittering Twins
Thag-Ras - Strange little men of uncertain species, servants to gods
Thag-Uur - A goddess, one of the Glittering Twins
Warrior 7 - A sentient crystal, one of the Knights of Corrupt Symmetry

Organisations, in Alphabetical Order

Fourth Wall - A mysterious, apparently interdimensional organisation
Knights of Corrupt Symmetry - A mysterious force of extraterrestrial crystal entities
La'orata Kabuda - 'La'orata Company', the world's leading manufacturer of weapons and airships
Ra'abu Agada - 'Secret Division', Urufa's imperial secret police
Rafegadaha - 'Wolf Clan', a criminal gang in Urafada, led by a group of werewolves
Sevupahafa'o Agada - 'Genetics Section' of the La'orata Company
Vaguba'osav - 'Children of the Slithering', a cult of the snake god Nir-Hal-Khuun based in Urufada, formerly lead by Vagula
YASH - Urufa military field hospital