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Character Sheets and More

Resources are categorized by company and/or game. Unless otherwise stated, the files are in PDF format, and A4 size.

Disclaimer: Commercial use of these resources is strictly forbidden. The copyrights of games (and works they may be based on) belong to the companies that produced them. Logos and other artwork are used on a 'fair use' rationale.


Grid paper - Simple printable one inch grid paper.


Generic character sheet - A basic character sheet. A custom version with a ready selection of attributes is also available.

Dungeons & Dragons

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition

Generic character sheet - A minimalist character sheet with a retro feel. Many optional elements are omitted, namely proficienies and encumbrance. Customised versions of the above sheet for the following classes are available: wizard, cleric, thief, bard, ranger.

Labyrinth Lord

Custom sheet - A custom character sheet for the Basic/Expert D&D clone Labyrinth Lord, specifically designed for my own house rules (the main difference being the way combat stats are presented). Also available is a fillable version, and a matching spell sheet in both regular and fillable versions.

West End Games

Hercules & Xena Roleplaying Game

Character sheet - A basic character sheet.

Maneuver List - A table of custom special moves for use in the game.

House Rules - Some rules considerations.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Character sheet - A basic character sheet.

Eden Studios

All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Character sheet - A basic character sheet (two pages).

Zombie sheet - As the name says, a sheet for zombie designs (two per sheet).

NPC/PC summary sheet - A sheet with slots for four character summaries, handy for GM's.

Generic Unisystem

NPC/PC summary sheet - Same as the AFMBE summary sheet, but with different font and logo.

Usagi Yojimbo Roleplaying Game

Character sheet - A basic character sheet, includes new skills from Monsters (horizontal).

Combat cards - A set of simple cards for use with the game's combat system.