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Original Campaign Settings

The pages below describe original settings I've designed, primarily with 'pen & paper' roleplaying games in mind, although they could obviously be used for fiction in any medium.

(See also: My campaign page for information about actual games I've run, in both original and ready settings.)

Va'ita - A magical fantasy setting with some steampunk influences, a world where zeppelins rule the skies and many strange creatures populate the lands. Probably my most elaborate RPG world to date, I have even designed a language for its inhabitants. This setting has it's own wiki.

Kin of Cerberos - A supernatural game set in modern day England, in the fictional town of Nowerham.

Beyond the Bridge - A small setting for supernatural horror, consisting of a little hotel at the centre of strange, even surreal events.

Graveyard of Lost Dungeons

The settings below, primarily designed for D&D style classic fantasy gaming, are far from finished and have never been used in an actual game, nor are most of them under active development. Even so, I've felt the ideas were worthy of sharing, lest they are forgotten. Who knows, someone may yet find them useful.

Foldstair - A setting consisting of multiple unique planes.

Mapwalkers - Preliminary ideas for a setting featuring floating cities and travel between them through extradimensional mazes.

Wyrmvoid - A setting set in a distant future, where fantastic creatures populate the planets of the solar system.

Atlantis Avenue - A setting featuring an underwater city.