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New Angel Evolution


New Angel Evolution was a pen & paper roleplaying campaign I run through most of 2003, set in modern day America. It was equally influenced by western horror tradition (X-Files in particular) and Japanese anime and video games (such as Silent Hill). For rules I used Big Eyes, Small Mouth, which I had fairly recently aquired and was very much in love with. In hindsight this may not have been the best choice, as BESM is particularly suited for characters with supernatural powers, making more "realistic" characters, such as these, somewhat boring. The system worked well enough, though, and the emphasis in my games has always been on story, not rules.

It should be mentioned that I didn't picture the angels, or the cosmos in general, of this game as particularly Christian. The influence is, rather, from Asian culture and buddhism. The angels are an independent species (even race?) of highly evolved (spiritually, in particular) beings, who have dedicated themselves to protecting the planet. They are not directly subordinate to any "God", and are, in fact, mortal and fallible creatures. I have been thinking of a sequel, which would feature angel characters, but I haven't gotten around to it so far.

This was the first time I began to write down plot summaries of games I've run. This is first and foremost for the benefit of myself and my players, a record of the events so far. If someone else finds these stories entertaining, or even finds inspiration for their own games, all the better. The story summaries in later games have been getting longer and longer. I am not sure whether this is a good thing or not, as they will never be highly refined literature and are meant to be a practical aid rather than entertainment.

Interesting note: for episode 7 I actually programmed, in QBasic, a little mock operating system with a few text files for the players to access. I like to make little props for my games, maps, notes etc. I also try to have suitable background music playing.

Episode 1: Puppet Master, Part 1

(Played 16 February 2003)

Monday 17 February 2003

Special agent Clint Montemayor receives a package at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. Within he finds eight hands, each chopped off at the wrist. Present are also his partner Mark Shields, and Sean Davies who has been temporarily assigned to work with them as his partner has been transferred.

Four of the hands are left, and four right, but they are all from different people, no matching pairs. A couple of them are traced by their fingerprints to petty criminals who have been missing for a week or more. The package is traced to a small post office in the nearby county of Brinsville. According to safety camera footage, the package was delivered by a young man in an expensive, shining white suit. For some reason his eyes are closed throughout the video.

To complicate matters, assistant director Patrick Georgeson returns home in the afternoon to find a cross on his door, painted with blood. This is taken as a possible death threat. The bood is tested and matches one of the hands discovered in the morning...


Another package is delivered, containing eight feet. The deliverer is apparently the same man in white...


A third package is delivered, this one containing a single head. The lab team discovers a single fingerprint, purposefully pressed onto the victims forehead. It is traced to a sir Richard Dawson, resident of Pine Hill Manor, Brinsville, an eccentric Englishman who has retired in the region. The third package is traced to a man in black goth clothing. The man in white apparently has realised he is known now to the FBI.

The three agents drive down to Pine Hill Manor, and find the place deserted. They break into the house and conduct a thorough search. Here and there on the first and second floors they find bodyparts, feet, legs, heads and torsos, but no arms or hands. Mark also by chance discovers a silver-white feather. Among the bodyparts is the head of sir Richard. Most of the legs are missing bones...

Reinforcements arrive. A heavy metal door is opened after hard work. It reveals a ladder up to the attic, and also a floor of rough concrete that looks like it might have been a basement entrance filled in. They also discover a secret room with no entrance, in which they discover several old books dealing with the occult.

Conducting a search of the outside they discover, almost by chance, a few spatters of blood, which look relatively fresh. Following the trail they are led back in through the back door and into the main hall, the door of which has sudenly become locked (which causes them no problem). In the hall they are assaulted by a strange creature which appears to be a kind of spider constructed of human parts. Each of its eight legs are made of two arms and a hand, and they appear to be attached to a single torso, along with a head. After taking a surprising amount of shots, and wounding two of the agents with its powerful arms (or legs) it finally collapses.

The agents contact Ronald Atslier, a professor familiar with the occult, who agrees to do research on this creature. With the bodyparts of the monster included, the parts now found make up eight whole people, including sir Richard and his servants, a couple of petty criminals and a few unknown people.


In the morning the three agents are summoned to the house of a.d. Georgeson. He has been found dead, crucified on a cross made of human bones. A couple of drops of blood are found near the front door. This blood is tested to match the small drops found at the Manor.

Episode 2: Puppet Master, Part 2

(Played 22 February 2003)

Thursday 20 February 2003

The sheriff of Brinsville contacts the FBI. His team has broken through the concrete to the basement of Pine Hill Manor. Shields, Montemayor and Davies drive back to the manor. Through the hole they discover a heavy metal door. On it is a bio-hazard symbol and the text "AD-1-74".

Clint receives a call from Atslier. He has found a reference in a medieval book to a demon called Animus, who has been said to animate dead bodies, and construct "living" works of art of them...

Beyond the door they find a complex of several corridors and rooms. A few of the rooms are laboratories, one with an operating table. The other rooms are living quarters, and a kind of prison. In one of the cells they find another white feather. Through a storage room they enter a much older part of the basement, with stone walls, strange tapestries and mysterious empty rooms. In one room that appears recently habited they find a white suit, stained with blood. They also find a main hall with a kind of altar. The altar is covered with blood stains.

In one room they discover a mysterious old man dressed in a gray robe. He introduces himself as Jack. He claims he has been here "just waiting" and says the agents are in a hurry. He doesn't seem to make much sense... Once out of the basement they hear screams and gunshots from outside.

Outside, at the back they discover the bodies of the sheriff and his deputy. They notice something that looks like gargoyle in the falling twilight, perched on the edge of the roof. As it stands up they realize it's a man with great white wings, like an angel. It swoops down at them, striking them with awesome power. It has a sick pallor to its skin, as if it has been dead for some time. The agents manage to shoot it down, however, and it lays still on the ground. The old man has vanished.

They turn around as they hear laughter from the back door of the Manor. They see a young man in dark, goth-like clothes. He states that he didn't expect the angel to be this weak. As Clint attempts to shoot his leg, he drops onto the grond, apparently dead. In an instant they hear another laugh from behind them. They turn to see the angel standing up. It laughs, saying it was tired of that body anyway, and that this creature's body was much more powerful. Before the agents have time to react, he fires a kind of ray of light at them. Mark and Sean are stunned by the horrible pain it causes, but Clint manages to fire at it, putting it off guard. At that moment it itself is the target of a blast of light, and falls screaming to the ground.

A group of about two dozen angelic creatures, shimmering with light, decends to the lawn. one of them picks up the body of the dead angel, and smiles at the agents, as in thanks. Then the group rises to the sky and vanishes, leaving the three agents in the gathering dark.

They receive a call from the FBI lab technicians informing them that the feather day found the previous day cannot be identified...

Episode 3: Fur Away From Home

(Played 13 April 2003)

Monday 24 February 2003

After a weekends rest, the agents are again ready for work. They are summoned to the office of the new temporary assistant director, where they are introduced to Mathew St. Angelo, the new partner of Sean Davies. Also, the acting AD informs them that the man in the white suit has been seen in the small town of Tinham, Texas. All four agents leave at once to investigate, and are in Tinham by evening.

Here they meet the local sheriff, Bob Meriam, and are informed that the suspect had been seen in John Ancom's general store on the previous Saturday, and again this very afternoon in Pierce's drugstore. The agents decide to make inquiries the following morning, and retire to the only motel near town.


In the morning, Shields and Montemayor talk to the general store owner, while Davies and St. Angelo go to see the pharmacist. Both verify that a really strange looking man in white had been to their shops, buying simple groceries from one and aspirin from the other. Both also believe the man had his eyes closed the whole time, though he did not move like he was blind.

Afterwards they go to Calvin's Bar & Diner for breakfast and question the few people there, but don't find out anything new, until sheriff Meriam comes in looking for them. An envelope has been delivered to his office during the night, addressed "FBI". The envelope is opened, and inside they find a note saying simply: "Main Street, high noon".

All they can do now is wait. Shields and Montemayor stand on a street corner, while St. Angelo takes position at the Town Hall, and Davies climbs into a church tower with a sniper rifle. At the stroke of noon, a man appears, dressed like Clint Eastwood in A Handful of Dollars. He walks slowly towards Shields and Montemayor, mysteriously calling out to them that they are a surprising, but interesting addition to this story, and they might turn out to be useful. It is not the man in white. Then he draws. Montemayor answers the fire, apparently wounding the man, and Davies in the church tower tries to shoot his leg. The man however, turns tail and runs around the corner, with Montemayor and Shields hot in pursuit. Turning around another corner, however, Montemayor stumbles...

...and the deer escapes into the thickets. Its trail is clear, but the wolf knows he can't catch it anymore. The three wolves regroup and start their hunt all over again. However, they find something they don't expect: the smell of another wolf, a stranger. And not long after they see him in a forest clearing. It is a black wolf. He informs them that a wicked old tree spirit is terrorising his home, and asks them to help. He knows a ritual to get rid of the spirit, but needs a live deer for it. The pack agree to help, and set out to hunt, eventually finding a deer, and biting it only in the legs. With much toil they drag it to the hill that is home to the black wolf, as well as the tree spirit. Here, however, the tree spirit manifests itself as a shining golden creature, and tells them the black wolf is evil, and wants to destroy all life.

At this, the black wolf grows a snake-like tendril out of his back, which bites the deer. More of these tendrils grow to face the other three, but before they have a chance to attack the black one, the deer suddenly and violently begins to mutate into a horrible monster. As they watch this, the black wolf vanishes into thin air. The three chase the deer-monster down the hillside...

...and as they clear the corner, the man is there, waiting for them, revolver still in hand. Davies is here as well, running from the direction of church. All three have a strange feeling of just waking from a dream, and strange images play in their minds. And as they watch, the man begins to violently mutate into a monster...

Episode 4: Clad to Kill

(Played 22 June 2003)

Tuesday 25 February 2003

...The agents draw their weapons and open fire. The monster collapses into a heap of once-human tissue, but not before dealing a mighty blow which knocks out agent Shields. He recovers quickly, though, once sheriff Meriam and the paramedics arrive. The "body" is packed away to wait for further investigation. The four agents retire to the local diner to rest and think of their next move. Here they encounter an old, graybearded man, whom they, for some reason, find extremely familiar. Shields and Montemayor follow him for a while after he leaves, but the old man suddenly turns to them, and states that they are "on the right trail". Shorty after sundown the agents hear the sound of sirens, and the commotion draws them to the local church.

At the church they find the vicar crucified to the church's crucifix. Suddenly, just as all the deputies are outside, the sheriff locks the door. The agents hear the sound of clapping from behind them, and as they turn they see a man, clad in white. He laughs, saying he's glad the sheriff got something right for a change, that since the sheriff's men couldn't do the job, he'd have to supervise the deed himself. When confronted, he tells the agents they can call him Angel, and that he is going to "purify" the Earth. He says the agents have shown some potential, but they are too dangerous. Then he opens his eyes, which have been closed until now. Immediately blood begins to drip from them, which runs down his cheeks. He wipes a little off his cheek, and flicks it towards the sheriff. The moment the blood hits him, Bob Meriam begins to violently mutate, just as the man at "high noon". The white-clad one states that the sheriff was a good servant, but has come to the end of his usefulness.

And the monster is upon them... Its powerful arms reach several yards, and it leaps on his arms, like a demented gorilla, to kick with its feet. Montemayor suffers a nasty knock, but manages to shoot at the creatures head, which literally explodes. However, its arms and legs continue to thrash wildly, and poor Shields again suffers a violent blow, almost killing him. A few more shots, however, and the creature collapses into a slimy heap. As the dust settles, the agents hear a soft moan. With his last strenght the vicar whispers: "The altar... button..."

The button beneath the altar opens a small hatch, which leads to a drop of over ten yards. At the bottom of the ladder the agents find a heavy door, identical to the one leading to the basement of Pine Hill Manor. This one has the code "AD-2-83". They step into a crude, storage-like building of concrete walls, much like at Pine Hill.

There are speakers along the corridors, and through them they here strange music, sung in Japanese. The lights, however, don't work. They examine a few rooms, some living quarters, offices. One room is a laboratory, which contains a curious tank, much like the ones used to contain creatures in science-fiction films. It is empty, though. Except for the music, the place appears entirely abandoned. In one room, they find the old record player that is playing the music. However, it is unplugged! When Montemayor removes the record, it continues to revolve in his hands, and the music doesn't stop! "Don't disturb my music," they hear someone say from behind them. In the doorway they see a man, middle aged, apparently Japanese. He doesn't cast a shadow.

The man introduces himself as doctor Nobuo Hayao. He thinks the four agents are good men, and decides to confide in them. He tells them about this facility, and others like it. They were used by the military in a secret project, codename Angel of Death, the goal of which was to produce a super soldier. The project, however, was discontinued fifteen years ago, and the only test child apparently vanished. As for the doctor himself, he was an expert in the field of genetics. He was planning to reveal the project, however, and was killed. He is doomed now to live here as a ghost, his only comfort the music of his home country. He tells the agents to look for the "Indian", a secret shuttle launch site in a reservation in the Rockies. Then he tells them he shall rest now, and fades into the thin air. In the dust they see drawn coordinates, which point to the Mashawara reservation, Idaho...

Episode 5: Reach for the Stars

(Played 12 July 2003)

Thursday 27 February 2003

After a brief rest, the agents head on to Idaho. They eventually arrive in the Mashawara reservation, high in the mountains. There they discover a small road, not on the map, which appears to lead directly towards the coordinates they received. As twilight is falling, a heavy mist envelopes the land. Suddenly the road ends at a gate in a fence. As the place appears abandoned, they break the lock and step inside. In the guard house they find a map of the small complex. Mysterious markings have been made on the map: a cube on the mess building, a cage in the hangar and a rectangle in one of the warehouses. Also, a flame in the middle of the wide open space, once a secret shuttle launch site. A warning has been written in the same red ink: "Ravens are Wolf's eyes!".

The agents begin to search through the complex. It is indeed abandoned, judging from a few magazines they find, more than ten years ago. There is no power, it is dark and misty. In "Warehouse B", where the rectangle is drawn, they find a safe. Shields, who has some experience in the field, judges that he cannot open this safe without special equipment. Outside, they now and then see and hear ravens moving about. A moment later Davies and St. Angelo run into a strange creature: it appears to have the body of a wolf, but it's skin is human, as if stretched on top of the unfamiliar body structure. It chases the agents, growling, and they run into the other two. A lucky shot from Davies apparently scares the creature off. In the mess hall and kitchen they find nothing (despite the cube symbol), likewise in the barracks and control building. But in the huge hangar they find a mysterious cage, apparently made of some black, stone-like substance. In the cage they find a scrap of paper with a drawing of a bear.

They attempt to start a fire at the site of the flame symbol, but discover that their lighters don't work! Nearby they run into the wolf again. They attept to calm it with food they found in the kitchen, old canned meats, but it attacks them, giving Montemayor a nasty bite on his left arm. As the agents open fire, however, it again runs away. A raven attacks Davies, scratching his face. When it is shot, it turns into ashes... After hardly catching their breath, they see another creature near the corner of the hangar: a grotesque bear-like creature similar to the wolf. They are not crazy enough to fight it, though. After some wandering around the four agents decide to lure the bear into the cage, which works surprisingly easily. Once locked up, it begans to rage... and melt. As it disappears only a cube made of black stone remains. On one side is a carving of a boat at sea, on the opposite a river, and a deer drinking. They naturally take the cube to the mess, but cannot figure out what to do with it. The answer, according to the map, must be here.

They attempt to lure the wolf as well into the cage. Eventually it works, but nothing special happens. The agents feel safer, though. They return to their cars and discover they won't start! They decide to rest for the night. The morning is not much lighter, as the heavy mist still covers the land. After a long while of thinking, Montemayor sprinkles the sea carving with salt water (plenty of spices can still be found in the mess) and the river with sweet water. This does the trick, the cube opens and they find a piece of paper that reads "2 C 16 A". They naturally believe this is related to the safe in Warehouse B. It does not take long for them to think that C and A might refer to the other two warehouses. Both are empty except for a few cardboard boxes, containing various junk. Finally they think to use the number of boxes in both warehouses for C and A and, voila!, they have the right combination. In the safe they find flint and steel!

The rest of the puzzle is easy. They manage to start a fire where the flame symbol is on the map. Suddenly they notice an old native American sitting with them by the fire. He introduces himself just as "The Indian". He says he knows the agents are here searching for information about "Angel". He offers to take them on a soul journey.

The agents find themselves in the same place, but with no mist and many people around. A shuttle is just about to be launched. They enter the shuttle, and no one appears to notice them. Once in orbit, they see the shuttle approach a small space station of some kind. A container is transported to the station, and a man taken out, possibly dead. He is young and hansome. The astronauts place him into a transparent container, not unlike the one the agents saw in the lab beneath Tinham. As the shuttle leaves, the agents and the Indian are the only ones there. The naked man in the container is left here, apparently for ever. The Indian tells them this man is the biological father of "Angel", the produce of project AD. He bids them to look at the man closer. On his back they see two vertical scars, as if a pair of angel wings had been removed...

They wake up in the evening sun, the mist gone. The wolf has escaped its cage, but the agents don't care. Exhausted, they begin their long journey back to Washington, D.C.

Episode 6: Mother

(Played 28 September 2003)

Monday 10 March 2003

After a brief rest, the four agents receive a new assignment. They are to fly immediately to a small town in northern USA to investigate a bloody killing, a possible serial killer. The crime scene is a remote vacation site by the pictoresque lake Pahooney, called Beyond The Bridge Hotel, a couple of dozen miles from town. It is nightfall as they reach the site, on a small road, crossing the bridge over a narrow ravine, Pahooney River, which apparently has given the place its name. A heavy mist is beginning to rise. In the hotel's front yard they see a couple of police vehicles. It is silent, and as they come closer they discover the body of a police officer, lying in a pool of his own blood. For a moment they hear screams from the deputy's radio...

Inside it is dark, the lights don't work. In the eerie glow of their flash-lights they see the lobby is poor condition, shattered glass and litter here and there. The agents decide to split up. Davies and St. Angelo take the west wing, and search the rooms one by one, finding them deserted. Suddenly they see a deputy walking towards them down the corridor. He does not react to their calls, only mutters: "Makharlakh, nhae akheilan, meechaile". Davies decides to play it safe and fires his weapon, aiming for the man's leg. But at the same moment the man slips, the bullet unbelievable striking his head, which is all but blown away! And he gets back on his feet! The two agents decide to run for it.

Shields and Montemayor, who have been investigating the bar and offices in the southern wing, hear the shots and meet the others in the lobby. A hail of bullets from all four agents finally reduce the monster to a heap of flesh. Soon afterwards, Davies and St. Angelo continue their search at the far end of the west wing, and discover two more dead deputies, and the case file, dealing with the crime these officers where apparently investigating. The original incident apparently happened a few days ago, a number of people grotesquely slaughtered in room 16 on the second floor. There is a picture of a cross on the wall, painted in blood. Apparently the investigators found a similar case in Texas, more than twelve years ago, and at that point contacted the FBI. It is unclear why they have now returned to the scene in such large numbers.

Meanwhile, Shields and Montemayor are investigating the second floor, which is smaller than the first. First they go through the three luxury rooms. In room 16 there is a lot of blood, everywhere. But it looks several days old, the bodies from the original crime cleared away. On the wall they see the cross. As they leave, they discover the door shut. Montemayor shoots the lock, and through the door, but on the other side they find only darkness. Even their flash-lights fail for a moment. They carry on to the kitchens (the hotel's restaurant is on this floor). They hear a clatter in one corner, and see a creature lurking in the shadows. By its clothing it appears to be the local sheriff. It darts towards them, biting Shields on the leg. After several shots from Montemayor, it tries to run away, blood squirting in all directions. But a couple more shots make it fall dead, clattering down a staircase. The radio on its belt suddenly comes to life, first static, then: "Help... sheriff, are you there? It's here... the cafe...". Then static again. The agents passed the Lakeview Cafe on their way, a part of the same holiday center, as is a camping site and a small museum. They head to the restaurant, and suddenly lights turn on, and a jukebox begins to play old jazz...

Just for a moment, in the corner of their eyes, the two agents think they see an old Indian shaman dancing in the room. They are soon joined by the other two agents. But a search of the room discovers nothing, only broken glasses and other litter. Through the great windows in the north-eastern corner they see nothing but darkness and mist. Out of the hotel they find the corpse gone, and discover it in their car! To make sure it will not spring to life, they decide to burn it. In flames, it suddenly does start to move, reaching for its side arm. At the very moment it falls again, from a bullet from Montemayor, a bullet grazes Davies... Thinking that whatever was at the cafe would unlikely be there anymore, they first decide to search a small building behind the hotel, which turns out to be a staff residence. They find nothing, except for a slaughtered family. A young girl with her mother and father... For an instant the TV-set turns on, displaying only static, then turns off...

The cafe is very much like the murder scene in room 16, but the blood here is fresh, and smells strong and nauseating to the agents. There are four dead deputies lying about. There is even another cross of blood on the floor. There is also another case file, this one older, from Texas. The file of the first murders, and the scene indeed appears to be identical. Blood, bodies, cross, but this one in a laboratory of some kind. However, the killer, Mariah Jones, an employee of the lab, was apparently caught and executed, almost exactly twelve years ago! A trail of blood leads the agents out, and they discover another deputy, still alive. "It... went there, to the... museum," he manages to say before dying. The museum is an old building, not that far away, which contains various historical artifacts from the area, mostly Native American, and some works by local artists.

In a gallery they at last encounter what appears to be the ghost of Mariah Jones, glowing softly, floating a foot or two in the air. Her voice is eerie, distant, and... sad. When confronted, she explains that she was framed, "they" wanted to get rid of her, and cover up the existence of "her son", the product of "their" research. It was her son that killed the people in Texas. When asked whether her son, the mysterious "Angel" of course, was here, she says: "No... In the north, in the Cold. So cold... The third lab." She says she was called here "by this place", she's been dreaming. "Only nightmares. Nothing means anything any more, there is no time here, just nightmares. Why not become like my son? Pay back to Them! But you are different, I've been watching you." At this point, Shields notices, she looks St. Angelo straight in the eyes. "You might just have a chance to stop him, save the world from him. I will go to sleep. But I cannot leave here. I'll dream forever, but only nightmares..." She begins to fade away. In the museum lobby they discover a map of the United States. A curious cross has been made, in central Alaska. North, cold...

The mist begins to lift as the four weary agents drive away. A crescent moon is glimpsed in the sky...

Episode 7: Evolution, Part 1: End

(Played 23 October 2003)

Tuesday 18 March 2003

Twenty miles outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, in the middle of nowhere, a car comes to the end of a road, apparently leading nowhere. The four special agents step out, and carry on by foot. Not far away they find an entrance in the side of a rocky hill. On the heavy metal door reads "AD-3-87". They know they are in the right place. Inside they find a corridor of concrete and metal. Some way down it, they see a sentry, just in time, and hide behind a corner. The soldier carries an AK-74, and is speaking into a radio transmitter: "Da... Da... Harashoo...". A Russian soldier? It is no great trouble to sneak behind him and knock him out cold. Cautiosly they listen to his radio, but they can only hear a soft snoring. In a nearby guard room they find a mysterious floppy disk, that reads "Boot disk". The mystery is solved quickly, though, as in another room they find a computer terminal. "Booting..." the screen reads, then: "Welcome to Angelix 1.6 by TechDevil". Finding the right login name and password is allmost too easy: a notebook is left next to the terminal, blank, but with pen impressions still readable...

In the system they discover only a few texts files. They have access to only one of them, a general memo about transferring operations to this Alaska base. There is also a program for controlling the locks of the five floors of the complex... But they only have clearance to unlock the next floor. Nearby they find the elevator... This, the first basement floor, is living quarters. They find a small infirmary, a lounge, and a kitchen. Also a bedroom, with someone snoring inside... They sneak in, knock out the sleeping soldier, and tie him to his bed. There is also a computer terminal, but they haven't got access to open the way into the other floors. So they drag the soldier to the infirmary, and interrogate him. He does not want to speak, and does not actually know the code, but a few firm hits from the butt of an assault rifle inspires him to tell that the demon Animus had higher clearance, and some of his personal belongings were still here, for some strange reason. Amongst them the agents find carelessly printed out information on the demon's access codes. Surprisingly his password still works, despite the fact that he has been dead for several weeks...

This grants them access to the next floor, and they also find a personal letter from "Angel" to Animus. It is dated shortly before the agents ran into him at Pine Hill Manor, and contains little that is surprising. There is referance to a "Deva" that Animus should only use as a last resort. The agents think this could be the angel-like creature they encountered at Pine Hill... On the next floor they find two deserted laboratories and a computer room. In one lab a large mirror has been shattered. In the other, there are pools of some blueish liquid all around. In the same liquid the words "TechDevil was here!" have been smeared on another mirror. This mirror attracts the agents' attention: where in the room there are pools of the blue chemical, in the mirror there appears to be blood... One of them thinks to get a mirror shard from the other room, and the view in that is the same, filled with blood. But when the words on the larger mirror are viewed in the smaller, it only reads "purification", in letters of blood. This is the password that leads them to the next level.

They also can now access another letter, from "Angel" to TechDevil. It speaks of the agents, and their meddling at Tinham, Texas. There is also a mystifying remark, that one of the four may be a "Deva", as well as reference of them having made contact with two "bodhisattvas", named Jack and The Indian. Devas apparently are also called angels, but this "Angel" claims he is the only real angel, the only one who understands the pain of Mother Earth, and can put an end to it. He speaks of purifying the whole corrupted world in flame...

The next floor is apparently a prison block, with a few cells that have apparently been converted to act as living quarters. In one room they find a young man, almost a teenager, clad in a black leather coat, with thick glasses, working at a computer terminal. This, they guess, is TechDevil, the programmer of the computer system. The boy quickly surrenders to the agents brandishing their assault rifles acquired from the Russian guards. But he is almost hysterical, and claims only "Angel" knows the pass to the lowest level. He says the code is in a place near, but unaccessible, to tease him and everyone else. The boy is locked up in one of the cells, and in another the agents find a metal closet, apparently filled with more metal, and much too heavy to move. But there is a suspicous crack between it and the wall, and using a mirror, they are able to see a word written at the back: "judgement". And the login name is naturally "angel". Now they can access a file called "Diary", but when they do so, a message is displayed: "Thank you for activating this virus!" All floors are now locked, and the system files are deleted!

In panic they go to TechDevil, who just laughs, saying that maybe they will beat "Angel", maybe they won't. But he also reveals to them a secret passage to the lowest level... Here they meet still one more sentry, who smartly surrenders. There is also a room with computers, controls, and a glass, through which they see another room. This is some kind of observation room, and the other apparently a test room. In that room they see "Angel", sitting calmly in his white suit, eyes closed as usual. They storm in, shooting, but he seems to avoid all the bullets. "Well, you have certainly got far! I never thought you could find out about this place... But you can never beat me!" He opens a trap door, and flees up a long, long, ladder, that apparently leads to the top of the hill. The agents follow, as fast as they can.

At the top they find Angel waiting. "You do not understand!" he says. "My destiny is to save the world! It must be purified of the rotten mankind. It must be purified in flame!" At this point Mathew St. Angelo, the always silent and detached agent, steps forward. He is glowing warmly, and his suit seems to melt away, revealing a garment of white, and wings grow from his back. "You!" cries Angel. "Your kind can never stop me!" Mathew faces the other three agents, saying: "I am sorry I had to deceive you, but we needed your help desperately. we have not been able to get near this evil creature, because his demons are everywhere. But he did not regard you humans as much more than toys to play with... I can only hope that you can beat him now! This must end here!" At that he charges forward, and there is a brilliant flsh of light. Mathew is gone, but Angle seems visibly weakened from the blast.

He opens his eyes, and blood streams down his cheeks. "Now, you die!"

Episode 8: Evolution, Part 2: Beginning

(Played 28 January 2004)

On snow-covered hill above the base the three agents face Angel in the final battle. The white-clad creature moves, fast as lightning, and delivers mighty strikes before they hardly have time to realise. But they are fast to react, and their aim is steady, welcoming the twisted man with a rain of bullets. One bullet that strikes him in the middle of his forehead sends him flying, and he lands heavily on his back. But still he rises... And Angel has a deadly weapon: his blood, which causes living beings to mutate into horrible monsters. The blood flows from his open eyes, and from the dreadful wound in his head. He takes some on his finger, and flicks it... Shields barely dodges the tiny, but deadly droplet. Davies, however, is struck, and the other two can only watch as he begins to painfully mutate, growing into a muscled, spiky monster, which charges towards them. Something, however, makes Davies stop and hesitate. With his last remaining consciousness he manages to hold back the terrible urge to rip his friends to pieces.

Angel, however, is already too badly wounded. In his anger he manages to deliver still more strikes of almost deadly power, but another bullet to the head by Montemayor, and another two to follow, make the creature fly several yards through the air. Now he doesn't get up, but laughs. He takes something from his pocket, and pushes a button. "I will be immortal!" he cries, and then is silent. The agents now hear a silent beeping sound, nearby. They uncover a large metal box buried in the snow, and as they open it they see numbers counting down: two, one... zero. Everything turns white, then black.

The three find themselves in a forest, near a small brook. They are naked, but that doesn't bother them. They recognise the place: they saw it in a dream, or vision, some time ago. Nearby they see the pale bones of a deer. They climb up the hill and find the old tree. The tree spirit is with them again, a shining creature of light. But this time they recognise its face; the face of Mathew St. Angelo. He speaks to them, thanking them for what they have accomplished. When asked about the place, he ssays it is a kind of dreamworld, a place inside their souls. Then he is gone, his time over. The three build a fire as night begins to fall. Suddenly the Indian is there with them. He tells them they cannot stay forever in this place, that they must move on. But what will be their destiny he cannot tell.

They find themselves back in the base in Alaska, but now it is old, and abandoned. They see blood running on the wall. Running upwards... This is the ghost of the place, which was destroyed in the nuclear blast, not the place itself. They climb up again, and from the top they see a desolate scenery... But the blast carried more on the wind than a nuclear fallout, the Indian explains. Angel, his blood, his essence. His spirit is still there, and they all can feel an evil presence in that place. His essence remains in that desolate place, and the survivors from the blast are being transformed into monsters. An army for Angel... What Angel really was, is still unclear. Even to the Indian. The product of a government project to create a perfect soldier, created from the genetic material of an angel. But something happened, some great force breathed life into him that should have never been...

The three... are. They see... colour. The old gray man, Jack, comes to them. He is their guide to the next life, and they... move until they see the great wheel of life before them, and pass through, through fire...

And they are reborn, as angels. They live in a small village, high in the mountains. They grow up, grow to be strong, proud youths, learn the ways of the angels, the devas. Then, one day, the old gray man comes to them, and takes them higher into the mountains, to the old temple, for their initiation... And they pass through, through fire...

And in that moment they are both the angel youths born and raised in the mountains, and the American special agents, just through the wheel of life. And they remember the thing that called himself Angel, and his legacy. And they know they must face him again, to end it.