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Episode 3.5 - To Ashes

1 March 2009

Our threesome returns home with the captive vampire and immediately proceeds to interrogate it. Torturing vampires is a gory business as they can take a lot of punishment, but in the end it spills out all they want to know: Maria D'Arbon's location. It seems the vampires following her, around twenty of them, have taken over a country home on the outskirts of town. They put the vamp out of its misery.

As soon as it's light, they set out to reconnoitre. Chris is disguised as a drunken farmer and wobbles up to the house, supposedly looking for booze. Most of the curtains are drawn. When he knocks on the door, a man opens it cautiously. He can see a few more sitting in the living room beyond. He has to make sure they are vampires, though, so he pretends to stumble, grabs the man and draws him out through the door, into the sunlight. He immediately begins to smoulder, and quickly leaps back inside. Chris makes a run for it.

They begin to plan a major operation to take out the vamps. They could get Lokette's troops to help them, but that would only be possible at night. Fire seems like a better idea. In daylight they would have nowhere to run to. Even if some tried to escape, perhaps under the cover of a blanket, they would be easy pickings. Still, they think they should have some kind of backup. Rip comes up with an idea. He'll summon a beast to attack the house, preferably from above while they set it on fire from the sides. He has the perfect solution: a dragon. Terry keeps an eye on the house while Chris and Rip go back to the manor to get equipment and research a suitable spell. After summoning both demons and angels previously it's not a difficult task for Rip. Back at the scene, some way from the house, they perform the ritual. The dragon is promised a meal of a score of bodies, and any cows it might spot nearby. They neglect to mention the bodies are likely to turn to dust when 'killed'. Rip makes sure that the creature will remain in this dimension for a limited time only.

There's just one loose end. The building has a garage, and they can't risk the vamps escaping in a vehicle. So they decide to block that exit by crashing an old junk car into it, and setting its fuel tank on fire to maximise the damage. Terry will drive the car, and jump out of it before the crash. In his demon form it shouldn't be too difficult. Chris and Rip sneak up to the house from a blind spot and proceed to douse the walls with petrol. They're carrying home-made flame throwers and Molotov cocktails. When all is set, Rip gives the signal. Terry starts the car as the others turn on their flame throwers. The dragon swoops in to pound the roof.

The vampires that manage to get out are soon taken care of, either by the sunlight, flame throwers, or demon Terry's wrist blades. With the damage caused by the raging flames and the dragon, the building soon begins to collapse. Soon the first fire engines arrive. Rip banishes the dragon and they withdraw, keeping an eye on things from a distance. Not a single vampire escaped.

Of course they have no way of knowing whether D'Arbon was actually inside.

GM's Notes

We've been playing this campaign for three years now. Wow. There have often been long breaks between sessions, but still, that's impressive by our standards.

I've had lots of other stuff going on, so I didn't start planning this session until we agreed upon a date. And, as it happened, we agreed upon the date rather spontaneously and I only had about a day to think about it. Well, luckily the previous session ended in a way that actually made it very difficult for me to plan much ahead. It all depended on the players' next actions. I knew if I gave them D'Arbon's hide-out they'd have a big operation to plan, which would take up a decent amount of time, meaning less work for me. It wasn't a very long session, but it was fun. And, even with all the carnage, we again managed to avoid tedious combat scenes.