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Kin of Cerberos

Kin of Cerberos is a roleplaying game setting and a campaign set in modern day England, in the small, fictional town of Nowerham. It deals with supernatural powers (some dark, some fair, some indifferent) that are attracted to the place, and with those few chosen to stand between them and the dreamy, idyllic everyday lives of the town's inhabitants. Influences are drawn from various sources, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and DC Comics titles like Hellblazer or Books of Magic, as well as various mythologies.

Cerberos, in Greek myth, was the three-headed hound that guarded the gates of the Underworld. Likewise, the characters of these stories guard the ancient gateways of Nowerham that lead into (and out of) other, darker places.

Below you will find information about the town of Nowerham and about my own campaign set there.

The Town of Nowerham

Nowerham is a small, rural town of some 10.000 inhabitants somewhere in central England.


Nowerham manages to be as secluded as any English country town can be, yet not far from anywhere. Just a couple hours by car or train will take you to any major city you might wish to go. The parish itself is quite sparsely populated, except for the central region, which is hardly large. The scenery is beautiful, even idyllic, an English landscape from a time long past. Large forests and low hills alternate with fields (farming is the main industry here, yet a large part of the land appears wild).


The civil parish of Nowerham is ruled by the Town Council (under the rule of mayor Patrick Stall).


Since prehistoric times the area of Nowerham has been an important place. It was a sacred place to the Celts, and several mysterious relics, such as stone circles, remain from that era (some possibly from an even earlier culture). In the Middle Ages it became an important stop on routes connecting the larger towns of southern and northern England. (The oldest pub in town is still called The Old Crossing).

The town was the centre of the barony of Birchland until 1751, when the last baron, charged with witchcraft by the local bishop, was killed, the Birchland Manor burned, and the barony officially abolished and split between neighbouring regions. After this the town has remained small and uneventful. In 1951 the New Birchland Manor was built on the site of the original, and has been owned by a succession of strange, reclusive people. Since around that time strange occurrances have been more and more frequent...

These people are, of course, involved with the revival of the order of Gatekeepers, which has been in existance since the time of the old barony. The town is an old place of power, where the border between the 'real' world and other realms is unstable at best. The Gatekeepers have devoted themselves to the task of keeping the ignorant townspeople safe from the dark creatures attracted to the town.


The following resources are in PDF format.


Kin of Cerberos, as I have titled the setting, is also the name of my original Nowerham campaign. It deals with three heroes recruited to guard the town and its inhabitants from the dark forces attracted by the ancient power that sleeps in the land, and the many portals that lead to other, dangerous places. And it all starts with a newspaper add:

The rule system I've used for this game is the cinematic version of Eden Studios' Unisystem, as presented in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game. The campaign itself is not directly related to Buffy or Angel. Originally I envisioned the game as taking place in the Buffyverse, but it soon began to move in a rather different direction, particularly when it comes to demons and angels, which have been far more Judeo-Christian than the beings of the Buffyverse.

Kin of Cerberos is officially set in a shared universe with other modern day games I've run, namely New Angel Evolution and Beyond the Bridge.

(I have a page about my thoughts on the Buffy RPG.)



Christopher Friedle - A medieval weapons enthusiast, from a wealthy family.
Terry Clifford - Former nerd and current half-demon demon hunter.
R.I. Peregrine ("RIP") - Horror novelist, once seeking inspiration in the Black Arts.

Guest Starring (in alphabetical order):

Asmoday - A king of Hell, Lilith's mate.
Baron Birchland - An 18th century predecessor of our heroes.
Birch - An ancient goddess, the Spirit of the wood.
Coyote - A vampire, now deceased.
Dergol - An elf from the Faerie realm.
George Swallow - Detective Sergeant of the Nowerham CID.
Hunter - An ancient god, the Life of the Wood.
Jonathan Meadows - The employer of our heroes, 300 years old.
Khamael - The archangel of Strength.
Lilith Bound - A demon trapped in a human body.
Lokette - A vampire, Coyote's second in command.
Maria D'Arbon - Coyote's sire, recently re-deceased.
Michael Friedle - Chris's father, a leader of the Order of the Silver Night.
Stone - An ancient god, the Bones of the Wood.


Season 1 (2006)

Episode 1.1: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Episode 1.2: Paradise Found
Episode 1.3: Dungeons & D20s

Season 2 (2007)

Episode 2.1: If You Go Out to the Woods Today...
Episode 2.2: Down Below
Episode 2.3: R.I.P. (part 1)
Episode 2.4: R.I.P. (part 2)
Episode 2.5: Hell of a Day

2007 Christmas Special: The Day After the Living Dead

Season 3 (2008-2009)

Episode 3.1: The Hunt Is On
Episode 3.2: The Apple Tree
Episode 3.3: The Tell-Tale Hearts
Episode 3.4: Crime Scenes
Episode 3.5: To Ashes
Episode 3.6: The Dark Before the Dawn

Disclaimers & License

The town of Nowerham, its places, people and events, are works of fiction. Any resemblance to existing places, people or events is purely coincidental. Names of, for example, existing retail chains may occasionally be used to add realism, but these should not be taken in any way to represent their real world counterparts. Furthermore, because of practical considerations as well as my lack of experience, this work does not attempt to accurately describe life in England.

The setting, stories and related material are placed here under a Creative Commons license. You are free to use, modify and distribute any material here, as long as you attribute me, Ben B. Bainton, as the original author and distribute your work under a similar license. For more information, see the link below. Note that this license applies only to material created by me and any references to other, copyrighted settings, characters or establishments will be excluded from such usage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License