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Dreams from the Fresh Kills

Patrick Flanagan is a professor of archaeology at Columbia University. Or was, until he vanished, without a trace, at a dig site on Staten Island, New York City's most suburban corner. Now it is up to his son, a priest from his church and an FBI agent to unravel the mystery...

Dreams from the Fresh Kills is a role-playing game which, unlike many of my previous games, places emphasis on surreal atmosphere and character psychology rather than cinematic action, drawing influence from such sources as David Lynch films, while still drawing background material from my earlier game projects.

Dramatis Personę

Dr. Patrick Flanagan - Professor of Archaeology, Columbia University
Mr. Patrick Flanagan, Jr. - Son of previous, student of archaeology
Fr. Alexander Barthlow - Parochial Vicar at a Staten Island church
Special Agent John Smith - Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigations
Mrs. Rose Flanagan - Wife of Patrick Flanagan, Sr.
Fr. Michael Vanzetti - Pastor of a Staten Island church
Mr. Joseph "Joe" Capullo - Boss of the Rosati crime family
Mr. Frank "Frankie" Francona - Member of the Rosati crime family
Mr. Jeff Tomb - Circus performer
Dr. Charles Davidson - Researcher in Dark Energy, Princeton University
Jazzman Joe - Saxophone player
The Shaman - Character appearing in dreams
Moriarty - Dog


Episode 1: Special Agent Smith Comes to Staten Island and Spends a Night at the Circus
Episode 2: A Knife Obviously Exists, Even If No One Knows Its Whereabouts
Episode 3: Strange Things May Be Found on Ferries by Those Who Know Where to Look
Episode 4: The Mysterious and Mystifying Fate of Professor Patrick Flanagan, Ph.D.
Episode 5: Toll Bloody It's Takes Demon the and Lost and Found Is Son the

The Dream

As an eagle he flew
Crossed mountains, crossed plains
'Til he saw the Great Sea
Glimmer like silver

On an island he set down
On the highest branch
Of the highest tree
And from his high seat
He spied a young woman
The fairest ever made
And he said to her:

"I am the greatest shaman
Between the Two Seas
I travel the Two Worlds
Beneath the Two Lights
I shall have Two Heirs
Who shall rule the Two Worlds
For the whole of Two Eternities
And you shall bear the first!"

And he carried her away
To his home in the North

(Where she betrayed him)


I have never been to Staten Island or anywhere in the United States. The material on this page is entirely fictional and is not meant as an accurate representation of places referred to.

License Information

The original material on this page is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. You are granted permission to distribute and modify material, as long as you credit me, Ben B. Bainton, as the original author and distribute it or any derivative works under a similar license.