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Finfilly is a fictional town created for RPG adventures inspired by the My Little Pony franchise. It ostensibly exists within the realm of Equestria, as presented in the TV series Friendship Is Magic, but can easily be used independently as well, and I purposefully try to avoid direct links with the show.

(See here for my Fudge based rules for pony adventures.)

Name & History

The prefix 'fin' is from Gaelic (anglicised from 'fionn'), and can mean 'white' or 'holy'. The name of the town can thus be interpreted as meaning 'white filly'.

The name occurred to me while browsing a list of common British place name elements. The Celtic sound of the name led to some Celtic influences in the setting.

The Town

Finfilly is a relatively small, rural town. Life there is mostly quaint and idyllic.

The town's crest is a ghostly, rearing white horse.

To be expanded...

The Surroundings

Many curious locations can be found within a short distance of the town, perfect for adventures.

Haystack Stead

Haystack Stead is the largest farm in the region, and responsible for a not insignificant portion of the town's food supply.

River Fickle

The largest river in the region, River Fickle, runs southward from the foothills of the Eversnow Mountains, encircling the town.

The Fey Fells

Legends speak of strange creatures, known as the Aos Sí, that live in the Fells, and inside them, though few have actually seen them. The Fells are also home to an ancient stone circle, known as the Spookstones.

Misty Vale

Misty Vale is a wild region, where many creatures and monsters dwell. An eerie mist always clings to the bottom of the valley, where ruins of an ancient civilisation can be found in the depths of a dark forest. The area is considered dangerous, and is mostly avoided.

At the very edge of the valley is the Woewell. The water from it is rumoured to have mysterious properties.

The Eversnow Mountains

The Eversnow Mountains shield Finfilly from the harsh climate of the north, but are themselves shrouded in eternal winter. Occasionally dangerous creatures fly down from the north, which is why the Snowwatch Fort with its high watchtower was constructed at the foot of the mountains.

A little aloof from the rest of the mountain range stands a lone peak known as Ol' Craggy.


This wood lies between the town and the Windy Peaks. Sometimes when the wind blows from the mountains, fallen leaves rise up in whirlwinds, which seem to have a mind of their own...

Moonbright Forest

The silvery leaves of the trees in Moonbright Forest reflect moonlight in a curious way that makes the wood quite the sight at nighttime. A band of gypsy ponies frequently make their camp in a clearing of the forest known as Moonrise Meadow.


A preliminary map of Finfilly's surroundings can be found here (PDF, A4). (The map was built from public domain clip art.)