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Beyond the Bridge

The Beyond the Bridge Hotel is a little setting I designed for horror games back in the summer of 2003. That summer I had played Silent Hill 2 on the PlayStation 2 for the first time, and it made a big impression.

I originally came up with the hotel as a setting for a little survival horror style computer game I was thinking of. It's no surprise that I never made that game. I've always been interested in computer programming, but I've never quite had the patience (or skill) to see any project through. I liked the setting, though, and it didn't take me long to adopt it for use in roleplaying games. The first time I used it was in a single episode of my game called New Angel Evolution. (Beyond the Bridge exists in the same universe as my other modern day settings.)

WARNING: The following information may contain spoilers for potential players. Only recommended for Game Masters and veteran hotel guests.

The Hotel

The Beyond the Bridge Hotel is a small resort in an unspecified corner of the United States. It is most likely situated in the northern part of the country, not far from the Canadian border, possibly in the vicinity of the Rocky Mountains.

The hotel is almost literally in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest settlement (a small, rural town), deep in the woods, by the deep, dark waters of Lake Pahooney. The hotel gets its name from a bridge that crosses a deep ravine on the way there, the only road that leads to the hotel.

The hotel itself is quite small, a two story building with a mere 20 guest rooms. There is also a camping site at hand, however. Activities offered include canoeing and hikes in the surrounding woods.

A Brief History

Until the early 19th century the area surrounding Lake Pahooney was home to a Native American tribe, which apparently vanished without a trace. Practically nothing is known about the tribe today. The word 'pahooney' is attributed to them, but even the meaning of that is unclear.

In 1903 an insane asylum for Native Americans was built on the site of the present hotel. The building burned down in 1912 under mysterious circumstances, killing most of the staff and inmates. (This was inspired by the real life Canton Indian Insane Asylum.)

The hotel was built sometime in the 20's or 30's. Strange events have continued to happen there. Often these seem to be connected to room 16. In 1945 a decapitated body was found, while in 2003 an entire family of four was slaughtered there. Some people have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a primitive shaman. And then there are the people who simply disappear...

The Truth Behind the Mysteries

This is not public information at this time. (Should you really wish to know, and are not a potential player in future games of mine, then contact me...)


My floor plans for the hotel are regrettably in a format I can't currently access (made years ago with a CAD application, the name of which I've sadly forgotten long ago).

Beyond the Bridge: The House

Beyond the Bridge: The House is a scenario set in the hotel. The original run was played in the autumn of 2004 and spanned four play sessions. It was not only heavily influenced by Silent Hill, but could almost be called a tribute to it. By this time I would have played the three first games in the series and was just playing the brand new fourth game.

Over the winter of 2009-2010 I re-ran the game for a different group. There were small tweaks to puzzles and other plot elements, but the events mostly followed the same pattern.

A fairly detailed description of events can be found here.

Disclaimers & License Information

All characters and locations appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real locations is purely coincidental.

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