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This site contains information about the 'pen & paper' role-playing games I run. This is primarily for the benefit of me and my player groups, as a source of background information about my game settings and a record of previous game sessions. However, should anyone else find the material here entertaining or useful, I'd naturally be thrilled.

Also included are resources such as character sheets, house rules and other material for various games.

Games & Settings

Original Campaign Settings - Background material for various campaign settings I've designed over the years.

My Campaigns - Brief information about the various games I've run over the years.

The "Benverse" Encyclopedia - My modern day supernatural games are set in a shared universe. This page covers some of the concepts and characters from these games.

Play Aids

Character Sheets - Sheets and other play aids I've made for various games over the years.

House Rules

Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG - Some thoughts on Eden Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG.

D20fying Classic D&D - How to convert classic D&D to use d20 System style attack rolls.

Hercules & Xena RPG - House rules for West End Games' Hercules & Xena RPG (PDF).

Pony Fudge - Lightweight rules based on Fudge for magical pony (and other) adventures.