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Trine (2009)

The big G-S-G-S-G

General opinion: Cool and unique platformer
Story: Simplistic, but does the job
Graphics: Very pretty
Sound: Pretty good
Gameplay: Quite entertaining


The Review

Trine is a fairly unique platformer title from Finnish indie studio Frozenbyte.

A fantasy kingdom is overrun by an undead army. Meanwhile, three people, a thief, a wizard and a knight, accidentally trigger an ancient artifact, called the 'Trine', which joins their souls into one entity. They set off to find a cure for their condition, and to save the kingdom in the progress... Yeah, the story and setting are pretty simple and unoriginal, but they do the job. There's a bit of humour mixed in as well, and the voice acting is OK.

The puzzles in the game are largely physics-based. You can freely switch between the three characters, and each have their own special abilities. The thief can use a grappling hook, the wizard can create and levitate objects, and the knight can fight enemies. All these abilities come in handy during the game. There are some light RPG elements as well, and the characters' abilities can be improved over the course of the game.

The controls in the PC version use a combination of WASD keys and mouse. This may take a bit of getting used to if you're accustomed to conventional platformer games, but it works pretty well. I found playing the game quite fun, even addictive.

Although the gameplay is two-dimensional, the graphics are 3D. And the game looks quite pretty, too, even though I ran it with fairly low graphics settings. The soundtrack also fits the mood of the game quite well.

With 15 stages to play through, Trine is reasonably long for its kind. You can return to replay stages you've beaten, in order to find items you might have missed etc. Many of the game's obstacles can probably be overcome in various ways, using different characters' abilities. There are also several difficulty levels. I was in the mood for some fairly relaxing gaming when I played this, so I played it on the 'easy' setting, which turned out pretty good for me, not too difficult, but not without a few retries and a bit of thinking either. (There is also a co-op multiplayer mode, which I haven't tested.)

All in all, Trine is a fairly light, but quite entertaining experience. I can't really put my finger on anything I would have disliked about it.

Ben B. Bainton, 4 October 2011