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Video Game Music

My passion for video games and video game music led me to experiment with computer music. Here you'll find some of my older compositions, created with tracker programs, like Impulse Tracker. The tunes are in S3M or IT format, and play best with a good tracker program, but should work with many modern music players, such as WinAmp, or XMPlay. MP3 versions of some of the pieces are also available. They are pretty oldschool, though, hardly up to modern standards. If that's your thing, give them a try...

Original Music

Years ago I started to program an RPG game called Rain. It was pretty primitive, programmed in QuickBasic, and I never got very far with it... I had time to compose plenty of music for it, though, even if most of it is quite crude. Give these tunes a try, though, if you like oldschool tracker music.

In 2007 I selected some the best of these tunes, along with a couple of newer pieces not released here, converted them into MP3 and put them up at for free download as an album titled Games That Could Have Been. You can find them here for download or online listening.

Here are the original S3M files for download:

Crystal Tears of Joy
Peace in the Town
Ready for the Show?
Shattered Hearts
Which Way? Which Way?
The Clash of Swords
On the Edge of Darkness
Out of Breath, Victorious
Rise of the Phoenix
Round Table Rock
Haunted Catacombs
For Whom the Bell Tolls?
The March of the Desperate
Fragile Hopes
Longing for a Loved One
Ages of Oblivion
Trapped in a Weird World
Eyes in the Shadows
Nothing But Ashes
Dance of the Crystals
Onwards With a Smile
The Morning After the Storm
Midsummer Night's Dream/Hints of Nightmares


The S3M files above are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. You are given permission to distribute and modify them as long as you credit me, Ben B. Bainton, as the original author and distribute derivative works under a similar license. NOTE: This license covers the compositions and pattern data only. The sound samples included in the files I believe to be in public domain for the most part, but I am unable to vouch for all their origins. Use them at your own discretion.

Remakes of Japanese Video Game Music

All these pieces are remakes of tunes that have appeared in Japanese console RPGs, most of them from Final Fantasy. Most of them have been originally written for publication at

All the music for the first nine Final Fantasy games is composed by Nobuo Uematsu. In the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo he managed to create memorable, melodic tunes despite the limitations of technology, and has probably been a major influence to all Japanese game music composers. He's also made a great solo album called Phantasmagoria.

These are all in IT format.

Disclaimer: The musical pieces below are fan-made tributes to the original games and are in no way endorsed by the publishers of these games or their composers. No profit whatsoever is made from the release of these files. It is forbidden to make any kind of commercial use of these files.

Eyes On Me - This is an instrumental version of the beautiful song from Final Fantasy VIII.

Final Fantasy Prelude - This tune is heard at the beginning of most of the Final Fantasy games. If you play this version with Impulse Tracker, you can see the lyrics karaoke style. My first publication at The guy at said: 'Oooookay. The track itself is a great rendition of the prelude theme, but to get the full jist of this tune, you gotta have impulse tracker to read along with the lyrics. Elcalen, I do fear you.'

Chocobo Theme (Bagpipes) - Chocobos are big, yellow birds that people ride like horses in Final Fantasy. Various versions of the theme have been heard over the years, including samba, mambo, country... This one is (supposedly) played by bagpipes. The guy at said: 'lol! This is too cool. I never thought I'd see the day when a team of Scottish Bagpipe musicians would play Final Fantasy music. You are the man Elcalen.'

Chocobo Theme (Reggae) - Another version of the chocobo theme. This time reggae style.

Descendant of Shinobi (Yuffie's Theme) - Yuffie's theme from Final Fantasy VII. This is one of the best games ever... And this tune is just great, it's so catchy. Just whistle along...

Shadow's Theme - Shadow's theme... One of the simplest and most memorable pieces in Final Fantasy VI. It's just beautiful.

Matoya's Cave - A great tune from the first Final Fantasy. The music of this game is awesome! Too bad the sound quality of the 8-bit Nintendo was so horrible... But now they've published a new version of the game for PlayStation with updated graphics and sound.

Main Theme of Final Fantasy II - Another remake of a great old FF track. See the comments for Matoya's Cave.

Gears Galore - This is a mix of music form Xenogears and Metal Gear Solid, two great but very different games. See comments for more details.

Gonzales's Theme - "I'm Gonzales! I'm strong! Beat me and get silver points!" The theme of the robot Gonzales from Chrono Trigger.

Ship of Regret and Sleep - This is a really beautiful tune, one of my favourites, from Xenogears.

Bonds of Sea and Fire - Another great tune from Xenogears.