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I love comics, both Western and Japanese. I would love to create comics myself, but, sadly, I have no talent for drawing, and don't have the energy and patience to learn it the hard way. That won't stop me from occasional experiments, though.

Escape from Lowresia

Escape from Lowresia is a little web comic based on random bits of pixel art I've made years ago for abandoned game projects. It's website is here.

Butterfly Paradigms

Butterfly Paradigms was mostly a test of an idea I had back in 2006. The entire comic is put together from photos I downloaded from the Internet and then modified to look more 'artistic'.

This was originally meant to be the first issue of a series. It's not surprising that I never managed to create a second issue. The whole process of creating a comic like this is too restricting and finding suitable images is very tedious.

The comic is in PDF format, 12 pages long. Images were edited in Gimp and the comic was put together with Scribus.

Download PDF here! (1.6mb)