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Elcalen's Miscellany

Hi, and welcome.

I'm Ben, although some might know me as Elcalen on the web. This is where I keep random little creations of mine, including poetry, some old music etc. This section has had many incarnations over the years, and was originally opened sometime around the turn of the millennium (but that's ancient history)...


Here you will find the following:


I'm no great poet, but I like to dabble. I have written a handful of sonnets, but most of my work is more freeform. Miscellaneous examples can be found on this page. There is also an (unfinished) epic called Tiger's Daughter, Son of Wolf.


I love to write, and I've put a few old pieces here for you to enjoy. What's available is very old (and awful). But they might still amuse you...


I love comics, but sadly can't draw at all. What experiments I do manage to create, you can find here.


I've always had an interest in computer programming, even though few projects have seen fruition. What there is can be found here.

Video game (and video game style) music

Video game music is another passion of mine. In this section I'll have some old tunes of mine to download. Some of them are original compositions for my own game projects (none of which I've completed), others are remakes of classic game tunes that I made years ago for release at's music section. The tunes are mostly pretty oldschool 'tracker' music.