Music has always been a huge part of my life. I love writing songs, although I lack the skills and resources to produce polished recordings. Even so, I created this website to share the results of my experiments. Perhaps someone out there might even enjoy them...

22 August 2012 - Escape from Lowresia: The Soundtrack

A second volume of early tracker compositions is now available, titled Escape from Lowresia: The Soundtrack. This album features music originally composed for a long since abandoned game project, graphics from which were later used to create my webcomic Escape from Lowresia (whence the title of the album). This album and Demon Armour Mamori together make for a fairly extensive archive of my 'tracker years'. More information and MP3's here.

15 May 2012 - Jamendo and YouTube Accounts

I've created an account at Jamendo and Winged is now available there as well. Both Winged and Demon Armour Mamori have also been uploaded to YouTube.

29 April 2012 - Demon Armour Mamori

I've put together a new collection of my early tracker compositions, titled Demon Armour Mamori. I've also separated older works (differing either in style or quality from my recent endeavours) into their own section. Go here for more information about the new album, and MP3's.

16 April 2012 - Winged

The new album Winged is finally out! Streaming and download options can be found on the discography page, along with lyrics and additional info. A few friends requested wallpapers of the cover image, so these are also available. I've also played around a little with the site's looks, sprucing it up a little.

10 September 2011 - The Game Master

A new 'maxi-single' of three songs is now available for download and streaming. (See this blog post for some background information on the songs.)

16 February 2011 - New Logo

I designed a new shiny logo for use in connection with my music projects. More details in this blog post.

12 December 2010 - Sleeping Birds Lie

A new album, titled Sleeping Birds Lie, is now available for download. The six songs on the release were written for a fantasy role-playing game I game mastered recently, my first ever experiment with a musical role-playing game. The lyrics page contains brief synopsis of the events of the game (since much of the lyrics are pretty 'inside' stuff). And yeah, this is still an amateur quality home recording, don't expect too much... (The songs may also be streamed at SoundCloud.)

16 March 2010 - Odes to Melancholy

At long last, I've managed to record a few of my favourite songs! The new album is titled Odes to Melancholy, and the tracks are available for download at, and as a zip file right here. Don't expect much. I'm still an amateur, and it shows. But I'm happy to finally get something recorded, at least. All the lyrics are also available.

27 May 2009 - New Website

Brand new website for my music! The reason for making this page independent of the main site is mostly to have information available to people potentially interested in my music in a clear and concise, but still attractive, way, without all my other interests, like gaming, getting in the way. The purpose of this website is to provide a list of my works that are available, links to downloads, and song lyrics.