These are noncommercial amateur home recordings, released online. Free downloads are available (zipped mp3 bundles). Alternate download and streaming options are available at, SoundCloud and Jamendo. Some tracks can also be found on YouTube.

See here for a list of my early works, including instrumental compositions created with tracker software.

Winged (2012)

Cover Image

Released: 16 April 2012
Length: 28:50 (44:16 with bonus tracks)


Covers (PDF, 2.4mb)

Download (320kbps, 101mb)

Alternate downloads/streams:

1600x900, 1280x1024, 1024x1024 (iPad)

An album of new songs. My best effort to date, though still obviously an amateur work. The sound takes perhaps a little more influence from metal than my previous recordings. Topics range from RPG characters to zombies. More background in this blog post.

Track listing:

  1. NeoVance [5:40]
  2. Head in the Clouds [4:15]
  3. Lost Soul [5:28]
  4. Take the Skies (instrumental) [3:57]
  5. Winged [5:36]
  6. She's Gone Z [3:54]
  7. Bonus track: NeoVance (instrumental version) [5:40]
  8. Bonus track: Head in the Clouds (instrumental version) [5:15]
  9. Bonus track: Winged (instrumental version) [5:31]

The Game Master (2011)

Cover Image

Released: 10 September 2011
Length: 15:52


Download (192kbps, 23mb)

A maxi-single of RPG themed songs.

Track listing:

  1. The Game Master [3:44]
  2. In Time [5:59]
  3. DeSired [6:09]

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