Demon Armour Mamori

From the forgotten archives of a young artist, crafted with the technology of a past age, sonic worlds inspired by tales of wonder...

Demon Armour Mamori Saga

Through Light Years of Space

2031. The Japanese military's top secret Faustus Report states, for once and for all: 'We are not alone!'

They looked remarkably like us, but they had technology, and powers, far superior. People strived for peace. But all hopes were crushed ten years later when ambassadors of two races finally met on Mars, face to face, for the first time...


It ended in slaughter. The Mars base... all but obliterated, by forces that could only be described as magic.

A top secret organisation was created to study the technology and powers of the aliens, and to adapt them for the Earth's defence. It was known only as MHTK, a bogus acronym derived from the Japanese word mahoutsukai, 'sorcerer'.


The aliens came to be known as the Oniro, though few knew that the name was actually derived from the words oni no kokoro, 'the heart of a demon'.

For this was the source of their power: Long ago they made a pact with a dying race of demons. They would fuse the souls of the two species, so that the demons could live on, albeit trapped in the subconscious of the Oniro. The demon side rarely surfaced, but when it did... destruction and madness would follow.

Valiant Hearts

In 2085, the Nihon Space Force begun recruiting young, skilled pilots for its newest fighter: the MAMORI-5 MCAT ('Multi-Climate Anthro-Tank'). The word mamori meant 'protection', and the fighter was to be the human race's greatest hope in the event of a full scale war with the Oniro. Inside the military, though, the fighter was nicknamed 'Demon'...

The Boy Who Carries a Demon Heart

During the last forty years the MHTK had been busy. In order to harness the power of magic they created hybrids, children with both Earthling and Oniro DNA. Growing up they had no idea about their origin, for it was soon discovered that the children required a purpose in life, a home and loved ones, in order to keep their demon side in check. The first generation, reared to be little more than supersoldiers, had ended in tragedy...

And now, as the MAMORI-5's were nearing launch, only the MHTK knew the truth: Each and every one of the young pilots was a hybrid.

Those Who Tamper

The aliens, the hybrids, the armours... Dark secrets were everywhere, and behind them... someone pulling the strings.


His name was Kuranaka. He had been there, in 2031, at First Contact. He had seen the power of the Oniro, and it had consumed his mind. He wanted it for his own. He searched for such power, and discovered that Earth had its own race of demons, trapped in the Spirit World, otherwise known as Hell...

Love Theme

The children created by MHTK were not the only hybrids. One natural child was born when an Earthling soldier fell in love with an Oniro warrior-woman on the field of battle. He spared her life, and they ran, living in hiding. Until the day the MHTK caught up with them, and captured her, another 'specimen' for their laboratories.

But the child lived, hidden, adopted by parents unaware of its origins. And now, at the age of 17, this child of two worlds is about to take the controls of one of the first MAMORI-5 units...

Demon Armour MAMORI

Under the gleaming armour of the giant warrior secrets lurk.

For it was Kuranaka who had orchestrated everything, from the beginning. The Oniro had come in peace. It was the Earthlings that captured them, tortured them, and instigated the Mars incident. All for Kuranaka's thirst for power.

The war had only one purpose: to draw out the One that had power enough to free the King of Demons, Beelzebub, from its otherworldly prison. A Demon Heart fit for Kuranaka to join with...

The MAMORI-5's, supposedly Earth's saviours, in truth one more taunt to draw out the Oniro. For under the surface, in the heart of the machine, there is living tissue. Demon tissue. The Oniro's kith and kin, mutilated and forced into servitude.

But when the young hybrids take their places in the cockpits, who knows what will happen? For that is when the Demon Hearts of the youths meet the Demon Hearts of the armours...

Additional Tracks

Beyond the Bridge Suite

I. Beyond the Bridge
II. Ashley
III. Nightmare Sounds 1
IV. Almost Not Sad
V. Nightmare Sounds 2
VI. Shroud
VII. Nightmare Sounds 3
VIII. Melancholy Autumn

The Beyond the Bridge Hotel, a small resort deep in the woods of Northern America, miles from the nearest town. The summer season is nearing its end, there are few guests now. The quiet suits Ashley just fine. She's here to get away from it all. To get away from... well, she can't quite put her finger on it. But that doesn't matter now. She's here, and there is peace.

But when she wakes up the following morning, it is too quiet. Outside her window a deep mist lingers. There is no one in the lounge, not a soul to be seen. And the place looks... wrong. Older than it ought to be. Grimy, almost derelict.

And from a dark corridor, a thing approaches...


Music forgotten,
from depths of time - let it flow,
it is Adamant.


All music by Ben B. Bainton. Composed during the early years of the 21st century using a variety of tracker software. Additional editing and mastering with Ardour and JAMin in April 2012.

Cover design by Ben B. Bainton (with images from and

Disclaimer: Audio samples in these tracks were either created by me, or obtained from other, older tracker modules. Unfortunately I am unable to trace the origin of all the samples used. I apologise to anyone whose samples I may have inadvertently used. No commercial use will be made of these compositions.