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The Heroes

Popful Mail is an elvish bounty hunter. Her success in the trade hasn't been all that impressive, but her ambition (or, rather, her greed) drives her to seek the highest bounties... Having just been beaten by the notorious Nuts Cracker, she now sets her sites on the renegade wizard, Muttonhead. But could it be that she's getting involved in something much older and darker? Mail is fast and strong, brimming with eagerness to hack those monsters to pieces and steal their gold.

Tatto, or Tatt among friends, is an apprentice magician, and a former student of Muttonhead. Worried about his mentor, he joins up with Mail to find him. He is the exact opposite of Mail, calm, polite and perhaps a touch naive. He's slower than Mail, but makes up for it with his magical attacks.

Gaw is a gaw. All gaw are called Gaw. Mail saves the gaws' home, and Gaw joins her quest out of gratitude. Even though he's slow, he's very strong, and can fly... Well, a little further than the others can jump, at least. And, like all gaw, he loves fish, gaw.


Slick Junior III is, sort of, on the same side as Mail and her friends. He's a pampered, naive, annoying, selfish little brat, whose only talent appears to be getting himself, and others, into trouble...

The guard at Elf Woods appears to be rather tired of babysitting Slick... We only se him once in the game.

Namo is a bounty hunter, like Mail. Mail helps him out in Treesun, earning his eternal gratitude... And a nice bit of cash.

Mythia is an elf girl from Treesun. Her husband is away digging for gold at the Mine, and the wicked Badger Gang has stolen her wedding ring! Maybe Mail and her friends can help her...

More to come!


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