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Scott Pilgrim Day (27 September 2012)

Sorry about the continuing lack of comics. I just haven't had the energy and motivation to deal with my computer issues (not dealing with stuff is what Bens do best). Anyway, I just wanted to point out that today, according to Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic, is Scott Pilgrim's birthday. This, I feel, should be a day for worldwide celebration. And perhaps not just of Bryan Lee O'Malley's masterpiece, but of the comic book medium in general. So go read a comic. Maybe listen to some indie rock. Get into an awesome fight (well, maybe not literally). And, like, whatever.

Computer Trouble and (Hopefully Brief) Hiatus (21 September 2012)

I'm having trouble with my computer. (In a nutshell, the video card driver for my Debian system got updated, and apparently the new version doesn't want to play with my card. Finding a decent workaround proved more difficult than I anticipated.) Because of this, I haven't been able to make a new comic for this Saturday, and may have to skip a few more as well ('cause even if I get my computer operational, I still need a little time, and energy, to actually make new strips). Sorry for the lack of laughs.

Server Issues (31 May 2012)

It seems my host has been having some server issues lately, which may cause my website to load slowly or fail to load. Please try again in a little while if you're having problems, and I appologise for any inconvenience! The issues are being looked into, I believe. The server is run by a non-profit organisation here in Finland, and I have the greatest respect for them, so I hope the problem will be resolved soon.

Four Months of Lowresia (22 December 2011)

Season's greetings to all Lowresians out there!

It's four months today since I opened the EfL website to the public. (And only a few days more since the very birth of the idea. It all happened pretty spontaneously.) At the beginning of the experiment I didn't know if it'd last a month, but here we are, and, having come this far, EfL will certainly keep going for the foreseeable future.

While feedback from my friends has always been very positive, the reader base hasn't really been growing as fast as I might have hoped. This isn't a huge deal for me, since, at least for the time being, this is an entirely non-commercial endeavour, more a hobby really (I'm not ruling out ads etc. in the future, but this is not currently a priority of any kind). But on the other hand, the best (if not only) motivator for this kind of work is fan feedback.

I, however, suck royally at marketing myself. So if my readers have great ideas about how to promote EfL, I would certainly be interested. Meanwhile, I bid you all happy holidays (whichever you choose to celebrate), and EfL will continue on schedule throughout them!