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Escape from Lowresia: The Soundtrack

Escape from Lowresia: The Soundtrack (cover art)

The abandoned game project that spawned the character sprites used in Escape from Lowresia also spawned a significant amount of music. This music, ignored for years, has now been rescued from the depths of my computer, polished up, and put online for everyone to hear. The sound quality might not be quite top notch by modern standards, but I put a lot of work into these tracks back in the day, and I'm still quite pleased with many of the compositions. The album features 76 minutes of instrumental music influenced by 90's console RPG's. And, of course, you can download it right here, for free!

Download the zipped MP3 bundle (320kbps, 173mb)...

...or stream the entire album on YouTube!


The song 'NeoVance' from my home-recorded album Winged was inspired by Escape from Lowresia. A friend requested a 'final boss' theme, so I speculated on what that could be like (although I obviously don't know how EfL will end, if and when it does). For the whole album (free to download and stream on various services) visit my music website.