Escape from Lowresia

About Escape from Lowresia

Escape from Lowresia is a little webcomic put together from old bits of art lying around on my computer, about characters created by the 'Coder' for games that were never made, who find themselves trapped in the strange world inside their creator's computer.

After running twice a week for more than a year in 2011-2012, the comic has unfortunately been on indefinite hiatus. Originally due to computer failure, the break has dragged on due to a simple lack of energy and motivation (it's not like I ever made any money with the comic, and I never managed to build a very big fan base during the original run). I may still get back to it some day, but I'm making no promises.

The Cast

Raine Raine

Originally the hero of a fantasy RPG. Not the smartest guy around, perhaps, but valiant. He suffers from the minor flaw of never being animated by the Coder, thus being stuck in a single pose...

Soldier Guy Soldier Guy

A soldier from a futuristic strategy game. Being just an anonymous unit, he never had a real name. It was Raine who, in his infinite wisdom, named him Soldier Guy. Enthusiastic and smart, he's the brains of the party.

Rosamunda Rosamunda

The spunky girl sidekick, although she considers herself the hero. She plays tough, but is a good kid at heart.

Pearl Pearl

A princess who secretly always yearned to be an adventurer, cursed with the memories of a dark past that never happened.

Vance White Vance White

A mysterious villain.

Goblin The Goblin Horde

The green menace from the Land of Darkness, servants of the mysterious Vance White.

Zombie The Zombies


Enpeecia Enpeecia


Some Background

I've always liked computers. And I've always liked video games. A long time ago, back in, like, the mythical 90's, when I was still an energetic, naive teenager, I thought it might be fun to program a game. The project never really took off (what a surprise!), but during the time I worked on it, I managed to create a few sprites, and a bit of music. For years these creations have been just lying around. So one day I wondered if there was something fun I could do with them.

I've always appreciated comics, but alas, I just cannot draw. It's a miracle I ever managed to create these sprites at all (the fact that I used other games as a model, and that they are very lo-res helped a little). I doubt I'd have the patience to create similar things in the current stage of my life. But since this handful of sprites already existed, it would be far less trouble to just... copy and paste, and move them around...

The character sprites are 20x20 pixels in size. They were originally created with a custom tool I coded in QuickBasic. I used sprites from existing games (namely Final Fantasy titles for the SNES) as a model, to work out how to make a good looking character with a very limited number of pixels.

The comic is mostly put together with Inkscape. Additional graphics editing has been done with Gimp. The website is mostly coded by hand (using Emacs). (I support the Free Software movement and use only Free and Open Source software whenever I can.)

The small selection of graphics I have at hand will only go so far, of course, so I will likely supplement them with material 'borrowed' from the Internet. I strive to make sure any graphics I use are in the public domain, though.


You can subscribe to Escape from Lowresia's RSS feed conveniently via Feedburner. Notifications of new strips are also posted on the Facebook page and my Twitter account. (Note: there is little activity in most of these feeds currently as the comic is on hiatus).

Disclaimers and Licensing

May contain strong language, suggestive themes and excessive geekiness.

Escape from Lowresia is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, which means you're free to spread it around, and even make derivative works, as long as you give me credit, don't make a profit, and keep it under a similar license. Then again, if you do want to make a profit, you can always bribe me into making a deal.