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Related to Me

Escape from Lowresia - My webcomic.

Twitter Account - Me on Twitter.

Facebook Page - My (public) fan page on Facebook. Music - My artist page at Profile - My user profile at, in case you want to know what I'm listening to.

Grimorium Vivum - No comment.

Computers, Free Software etc.

Free Software Foundation - As the name says... - Homepage of the GNU project, and lots of info about free software in general.


Girl Genius - A great steampunk-ish webcomic.

Looking For Group - A hilarious D&D influenced webcomic.

Questionable Content - One of my favourite webcomics.


Fudge - One of my favourite light weight RPG systems.

Pathfinder RPG Reference Document - The online version of my favoured D&D clone.

RPG Library - Lots of handy resources.

RPG Sheets - A large collection of character sheets for various games.

Wushu Wiki - Home of Wushu, an interesting, free RPG system.

Video Games

FantasyAnime - A neat site mainly about classic console RPGs.

GameFAQs - Walkthroughs and other resources for almost any game.

Replacementdocs - Scanned game manuals. Handy resource.

Wing Commander CIC - A Wing Commander website.

Music & Tracking

MilkyTracker - Cool crossplatform FT2 inspired tracker.

Free Metal Albums - Links to free indie music downloads.

Nectarine Demoscene Radio - Streamed demoscene music.

Schism Tracker - A nice Impulse Tracker clone.

Skaven's Homepage - Skaven of Futurecrew. One of my favourite amateur musicians.

Zero Strike - Homepage of Jonathon Striker, a musician I briefly collaborated with a few years ago (see his RPG music section).


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